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  • Donation Form Guide

    It’s no secret that JotForm makes it easy to collect payments for your organization. But did you know JotForm enables recurring payments? This functionality comes in handy for nonprofits who rely on monthly donations, or businesses that charge a monthly subscription fee for their services. 
  • Typeform alternative

    Here at JotForm, we pride ourselves on being the easiest form builder with the most advanced functionality. We pioneered online forms in 2006. We’ve never stopped growing, building new features and integrations for our users, and striving to be better each day. Whether you work at a small business, university, or agency- we know that our users will find the perfect solution for their online forms needs. 

    Read on for four examples why JotForm is better than Typeform.

  • Cups and Cakes

    For Jennifer Emerson, her journey towards awesome cupcake-making started in the summer of 2007. She’d just finished up a year of teaching and was dabbling with baking, but her friends convinced her that it needed to be much more than that. After some consideration, Cups and Cakes was born from her very own home kitchen, which led to her opening a San Francisco storefront two years later.
  • JotForm is the best tool available when you need to create File Upload Forms. We cover so many upload related features, such as high upload limits, and sending your uploads to other services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box automatically. On top of all of that, we now give you the ability to receive uploads in the emails you receive as attachments.

    file attachments on forms

  • Giving your users an outlet to express their satisfaction, frustration, suggestions, or other thoughts pertaining to your company is always appreciated. It’s also an effective way of gauging how your customers are responding to your product or service. It’s better to offer a channel where user feedback can be streamlined than having social media be littered with complaints. So what do we include in a customer feedback form? What do we ask, or not ask? Let’s dive in and explore the top tops for a great customer feedback form

  • Connect JotForm to Excel

    Looking for a way to send form submissions to Microsoft Excel? With Zapier and JotForm, you can. If your company already depends on Excel to manage data, this integration should come in handy. You can add new rows for every new form submission you receive, or even update existing rows if you want to allow users to adjust their submissions. 

    Just make sure you have your Excel files on a Microsoft OneDrive for Business account (which is included with Office 365 or Sharepoint Server), otherwise we won't be able to access them. 

  • Many people wonder what “responsive” means, and what a responsive online form is. Let’s clear up this potentially confusing issue! A mobile responsive form, or responsive form, provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop to mobile. Responsive forms offer easy reading and navigation. In short, responsive forms look and work seamlessly across all devices that your customers or form viewers may be using. 

  • PayPal Donation Button

    You might be using a PayPal donation button on your website, and that’s fine because it works. It’s a reliable way to make sure you get paid by a trusted source. But embedding a JotForm donation form, that’s integrated with PayPal, might actually be more financially fruitful for your organization.

    It’s a poorly kept secret that JotForm and PayPal go together like peas and carrots in the world of donations. Any nonprofit can turn a JotForm form into a powerful tool for collecting donations through PayPal, or several other payment gateways, in just a couple of clicks. 

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, and few know the depths of this cold truth better than nonprofits. The lights need to stay on, salaries need to be paid, fundraising events need to be organized and executed, and the core work of the organization’s goal needs to be carried out. Nonprofits rely on the generous donations of companies and individuals, and do a lot of work to get them to the point of taking out their credit card. 

    Now that they’re interested in donating and are clicking to view your nonprofit’s donation form -- let’s get them to actually donate, increase the average donation amount, and have them commit to continued engagement with your organization. JotForm, the online form builder of choice for nonprofits, is the tool that you need to reach your goals. Let’s explore what JotForm has to offer. 

  • Weebly and JotForm

    The following is a guest post written by Adam Tanguay, who is responsible for SEO, Content, and Organic Growth at Weebly, a drag and drop website builder used by millions of entrepreneurs around the world. Adam writes about small business, online marketing, and digital growth on the Weebly Blog.

    Small business owners often build websites to attract and serve customers. Yet that can be misguided. A good website also serves partners, competitors, friends and strangers. A good website serves an audience, and growing your audience is the key to growing your business.

  • Payment Gateway Options

    There is no shortage of great payment processing options, but deciding which one is right for your business takes an understanding of what makes them all different. There are always questions to consider. Do you sell a high or low volume of goods? Do you advertise merchant services globally, or just in the US? Do you need your payment gateway to integrate with other businesses services you depend on? 

    We’re here to break down the best payment processor options so that your business finds the perfect match. Check out our guide below. 

  • You’ve locked down the date, the venue, and have finalized your guest list -- now it’s time to get the ball rolling with the perfect custom wedding invitations. For the modern wedding, it makes total sense to send your invitations online. Your registry is already online so why not your actual invitation? 

    The cost of custom paper cards, envelopes, and stamps adds up. Not to mention manually having to rifle through the cards to sort through who’s responded, who’s going, and if they’re bringing a plus one. Time is money! Save precious wedding-planning time and funds that could go towards your honeymoon, and stay organized – create invitations online with JotForm! Let’s explore the ins and outs of online wedding invitations you can make with JotForm. 

  • Introducing… Data Export! We have just released a new feature that makes it easier to manage your submissions and your data. With Data Export, you can now download all of your forms as HTML files, your submission data as a CSV file, and uploaded files, all in a single .zip file. Move all of your data onto your desktop for deeper analysis without having to individually download each submission. Or share your data with colleagues by sending it to them in a single file. 

    To access this feature, go to Account Settings > Data. Click Download Your Data. Next, on the Export Data screen, select Prepare My Data to Download

    Data Export
  • Every day, thousands of JotForm users depend on online forms to sell their company’s goods or services. That’s because, with JotForm, it’s incredibly easy to turn any old form into a money-maker -- no magic wands or fairy dust required. 

    The best part is that you don’t need an expensive e-commerce platform to sell online; you just need the right form builder and a little know-how. Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite advice for creating an awesome order form. 

  • TemplateMonster

    Looking for an awesome and free website template? Well, our friends at TemplateMonster are ready to give out 7 licenses of any of their premium themes to JotForm users.

    The giveaway will run for an entire week, and all you need to do to win is visit TemplateMonster, pick the premium template that you enjoy the most, and leave a comment on this post with the theme's link or ID number. 

  • How to make a scholarship application form

    Scholarship application forms are the best way to make sure you’re collecting the information you need from gifted students looking for financial help to achieve their ambitious goals. There’s a lot on the line, so it’s important to do your students and administration justice by dishing out an inspired form that will yield the highest quality and quantity of students. 

  • First and foremost, congratulations on your graduation! Kick off sharing this happy occasion with family and friends by sending a beautiful party invitation that will set the tone for the festivities. Whether your party will be a casual cookout in your backyard, a university-sponsored event, or a rager with a DJ - The most important thing is that your guests will be celebrating by your side. That means letting them know the details ahead of time so they can secure the date on their calendar. Here's how to send an amazing graduation party invitation with the easiest form builder, JotForm.

  • From wrangling kids to putting together lesson plans, a teacher’s plate is always full. While the amount of work is never-ending, online forms can provide a way to speed up some items on your to-do list and free up a few minutes for that much-needed breather. 

  • Email Marketing Options

    There’s an ocean full of email marketing services to choose from out there, so it’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed by the choices. Still, it’s an important -- and sometimes expensive -- decision, so finding the right one is an absolute must. 

    So, we’ve decided make some sense of it for you. Read our guide below to see which email marketing service is the best for your business. 

  • We know we want a great form that will give us the information that we need, whether that be names and email addresses for contacting clients, credit card information for payments, or RSVPs for events. But sometimes we're not too sure what details to add that will really take your form to the next level. Here are 5 ways to make your online forms more powerful and effective. 

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